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agroux 05-05-2008 08:01 PM

anchoring door in a brick and concrete wall
I am going to be removing 2 windows and installing a french door in place of the windows. I am renting a massonary saw to cut the brick on my house (my walls are brick, 4" of concrete and then another layer of brick with plaster direclty over the brick on the interior walls. The opening is the correct width with a good steel header over the windows I am just not sure how to attach the doors to the brick walls, any ideas??? Thanks.

Handyman Jim Noonan 05-08-2008 12:28 AM

Use a masonry bit and a hammer drill if possible.You may be able to use a regular drill with a sharp masonry bit and some effort. Drill into the mortar area between the brick. In the concrete area you can drill anywhere. Use tapcon concrete screws or red head brand anchors with stainless screws.

Fasten jambs and install door.Take your time.Take very good measurements.If opening is correct size for door plus jambs should be able to use pre-hung door.If opening is a little too wide you can always use cedar shims or even filler strips.Much more effort will be required if opening is too narrow.

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