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terrimomof3 03-28-2011 10:42 AM

adding frame moulding - color and size
Hi: I'm new to this, but thought I would ask. I have read about chair rail and have installed it in my living room. The room is long - 19 feet with average 8' ceiling. There is one long blank wall (thus the idea of chair rail and frame moulding).

I put the chair rail at 36" high and now have to decide how many boxes to install. I understand the frames should be 3 -5" from base and chair rail. To make the room seem taller thought I would make the boxes 30" high and 24 wide with 5" between. sound ok?

Should I add large boxes on the upper wall or leave the top blank? I have a light golden beige on top and a burn't honey (lighter than rust) on the bottom. I was planning to paint the boxes the same burnt honey for interest but not be overwhelming. Or should I go white on bottom and put the color on top? Have seen rooms done both ways. Sorry to ask so many questions. thanks.:eek:

marttinen 03-28-2011 12:33 PM

You should sketch the wall to scale first. I often do this for similar projects to gauge eye appeal. Make several different drawings. Accurate scale is important. Graph paper can be purchased cheaply anywhere other ruled papers are sold. For this application a 12" ruler should suffice, but an architects scale would be nice. If you put frames above the chair rail make them the same width as the bottom and line them up. As for color now, that's all personal choice. One needs to see it in person to help advise. Careful planning helps avoid costly mistakes. Good luck and have fun.

Ron6519 03-29-2011 03:51 PM

You can also make cardboard templates of various sizes to see which you like best.

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