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CamSweet 08-08-2011 02:30 PM

2x6 exterior corner framing, tie downs...
Hi all,

I'm noodling the placement of the StrongTie STHD10RJ's in my stemwalls, with respect to the wall framing above. I have two corners made up of "alternate braced panels". I need to place two STHD's in the corners on adjoining walls. THere's not enough room to put them both in the corners so one is going to have to move down the wall a few inches. What make up is everyone doing for framing up 2x6 corners?



TrapperL 08-08-2011 04:05 PM

When we have conflicting areas like that, the foundation people will usually move it down to the next stud spacing so it ends up on a stud. Sometimes we are required to put an additional HD3B Simpson fastener at the corner. You don't really want to use these as they are a major pain to install. They require us to put them in with 3/8" x 8' lag bolts into the concrete and we must double stud the wall so we can use 1/4x 3" lags into the studs. You'll need to ask the engineer, if an engineered foundation or the inspection agency (city inspector), if this is an acceptable practice in your area.

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