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baivab 02-17-2010 09:03 AM

2 small problems - polish and hinges
Don't want to create 2 separate threads.

Question #1: I am re-finishing myself kitchen cabinet doors. As step #1 I am polishing them using Miniwax Stain+Poly in one cans given to me for free (quite a few). I have sanded them using 80 grit, put in 1 layer (thin), sanded using 220 grit, put in 2nd. layer (thin), buffed them using steel wool 000 grit and finally put in a clear coat of Poly by Miniwax. I am drying the doors - horizontally. What's happening is few doors are coming out really great - i.e. full of shine and gloss and few aren't. Those that aren't coming out well, should I go ahead and re-sand them and re-apply a new coat? If so - what should I use sand-paper or buff using steel wool. Between sanding/buffing I used TSP solution to clean up and using a 2" china bristle brush excellent quality.

Question #2 : The doors are flat, no rabbits - overlaying the frame by .5" all through. On the frame of the cabinet, there's a U-shaped bracket to which the hinge is attached with the other side screwed into the door. These are the old style hinges and wanted to convert them to Euro style (i.e. concealed). Are there any available and if so I believe I'll need to drill a large hole into the door , how to do that?

hyunelan2 02-17-2010 09:32 AM

On the doors that aren't coming out well - what is wrong? Are they just not shining? Uneven stain color?

For the latter part of the question, and to also help the first, I think some pictures are going to be useful.

baivab 02-17-2010 09:37 AM

The stains are even, but no shine.

Big Bob 02-17-2010 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by baivab (Post 401482)
The stains are even, but no shine.

pics would help.. shine not there could be a number of things.. including humidity... during or between coats.
could be that some of the doors were drier than others and did not really take the stain the same.. differant locations in kitchen and subject to heat and cooler conditions.. ie. raised grain... Shine is refracted light.

you could try buffing again on one of the doors you are not happy with.
You might get lucky and the ploblem might solve. :thumbsup: repeat on others.

Your problem may be down deeper... the doors that "aren't shiney" may need to be resanded to bare wood.. stain/ sand/stain, sand light/ clean .. inspect for raised wood grain.. repeat ... until:). then duplicate your 2 step poly finish. Keep all dry and under same temp conditions. Keep a rabbits foot in your pocket during the day... and under your pillow at night.

Consider, if possible (size willing) relocating the:( doors to other cabinets
not in the line of site.

Good luck.

Ps. solve your hinge quest before you use up all your refinishing goods.
best practice is to limit drilling and handeling of the high shine finished work. ( Murphy's laws apply.)

baivab 02-17-2010 11:29 PM

Hi - it helped. I tried to re-buff and polish again - this time worked. Also, a friend told me the shaker doors - the middle portion normally isn't good wood so might take a while! The Miniwax product is good, btw.

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