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mwha1389 08-21-2011 12:57 AM

Toshiba Satellite Laptop L35 Problems
I recently was asked to help a friend with a laptop. I am familiar with desktop, but laptops I am not so familiar. The laptop is a Toshiba Laptop L35. When I got it the laptop would try to power on then nothing would happen, no post, no beeps, nothing, but you could here the fan running. Another friend that runs a computer shop looked at it real fast and said he would guess the mother board. So I found a deal online and purchased a motherboard for $40.00 new. I replaced it with the old one, noticing the difference was 1.) the mini pc card slot for the wireless card was not on this board. And 2.) the PCMCIA card bus was also missing. I called the company I bought the motherboard from ( which had a pic of mother board)and they explain some picture haven't been updated but the board should still work, just buy a usb wireless card. That was fine long as I could get the friends laptop working.

Anyway, I put new board in and replace parts to put on new board. (Processor, heat-sink, memory, hard-drive) Once I did this the computer was ready to power up, so I hit power and the laptop showed a light for just a second and then powered boot log, no beep no nothing, but this time it went off and on the old board it would still run....Have any ideals? Is the processor bad and not the mother board? I reseated the memory and hard-drive several times and I even tried just battery, and took battery out and tried just power difference........Help

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