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I realize this original post goes back in time but I see that people do keep adding to it. I thought I might offer this device into the realm of possibilities. It is a USB wireless data modem that uses the data plan and chip from you phone. Since you can add unlimited data plans to your phone plan for less than a separate data plan will run, it might be worth a try if you don't need your phone and wireless internet connection at the same time? The device appears to be unlocked so you should be able to use it with most carriers?

As mentioned in other posts, wireless via cell phone providers is only going to be as good as the reception offered from the nearest tower and the availability of data service in your area. I have been doing work this summer in Western Iowa and it is absolutely worthless and slower than dial-up. Fortunately I have access to DSL when I need it.

I will also mention that if you are still in a rural area waiting for highspeed service, it does help to rally your neighbors to make calls to providing companies expressing interest (not necessarily committing to service) in RF, DSL, Cable, xG wireless, etc. Drop a note to your elected officials too so we can finally have access to ALL the broadband options available and not just those offered because of large company lobbying efforts and regulation.

Shop beyond the major wireless brands. I just switched to a reseller (they are bringing some fair competition and honesty to it all the way long distance resellers did to the phone industry before) and am now going to get unlimited everything phone service for $50/month and unlimited wireless broadband to go with it for $10/month more. No contract. Freestanding data card service runs about $40/month for unlimited. You can also pick up nice, fully warranted, unlocked phones and data modems for about the same or just a bit more than those offered by carriers.

Also as mentioned in an earlier post, look into RF and microwave highspeed data if available in your area. Cost of entry for equipment (small receiver needs to get mounted on your house somewhere and runs about $300) is a bit high but service rates are comparable to DSL and Cable. There are no bandwith constraints since there are no wires. The microwave versions use the same technology as TV trucks but on a different frequency.


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Too Short? Cut it Again!
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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
if it takes that long to open programs, you most likely have virus or spyware or both. go to and get their free antivirus/antispyware and run it. i'm betting you'll find a bunch of crap. check for virus, empty drive of all important stuff, then reformat and reinstall is your best bet though. i have dialup too, so don't feel all alone.... and yes, it sucks. but 26 is lousy hook.
macro01: Opera is by far the best browser out there IMHO. i have many, i use one. DM
Dump off all your cookies before you do something so radical as reformatting, especially if your problems seem isolated to your browser use. Spyware and virus software may do this. I use a tiny little freeware program called, Cookienator that seems to work. Use at your own risk as it is an executable file. It requires no install.


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