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Processor vs Video Card

Good morning, gents. Thanks to a hefty bonus from work this year, I'll be building a new gaming rig in the next couple weeks, and this is something I've always been curious about.

All of my previous gaming builds have generally had a more expensive processor than video card(s). Something in my brain told me that the processor would need to be high end for a gaming rig. Looking at some builds on, I'm starting to think that assumption was incorrect and that it's better to splurge on the video card instead of the processor. If possible, I'd like some guidance on the subject. Thanks!


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Processor vs Video Card

It actually has to be balanced. If either one is compromised then bottleneck effect will greatly affect the performance of the system.

this vid will explain what it is and how to avoid it.


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Processor vs Video Card

I've found that it makes a lot of difference what types of game you play. HD/3D shooters, or any 3D game with a hi-res models tend to really eat up video processing power more so than 2D strategy type games. A balance is good to achieve. That being said, I've found that system ram and video card are slightly more important in general than main processor speed. The recent advances in video cards are huge compared to the more modest advances in real usable processor power.

Getting a 3.8 processor rather than a 3.4 processor is not going to give you the same wow factor that a good mid-range ($200) video card will. Also someone may correct me here, and I hope they do, but there are no games that I know of that will take advantage of a 6,8, or 10 core processor.

System ram is critical , more so in a gaming rig. 4 gigs absolute minimum, with 8 being "normal", and 16 being top end, but offering less increase in performance than say moving from 4-8 would. Ram is relatively cheap, and offers the MOST bang for the buck in terms of all round performance if you also use your gaming rig for other things.. anyway it's a slow day at work, hope this helps a little.
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