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Wildie 05-28-2010 04:51 PM

Multiple HP printers on a ACER computer
My friend has an Acer desktop computer running Vista SP2.
When the HP F4140 printer is plugged in the 'new hardware found' message pops up. It searches for the drivers and installs the printer and it works correctly.

Then, when the computer has been turned off and then restarted, it goes through the same routine and installs another appearance of the same printer.
These can be seen in Control Panels, printer section.
Then, if an attempt is made to print something, nothing prints. It does remain in queue!
Its as if the computer has selected the wrong choice and is waiting for a response from a non-existent printer.
If the 2nd printer is deleted, all is well until the computer is turned off and eventually restarted.
Then, the 'found new hardware' routine begins all over again.
Beyond making a new OS install, is there perhaps a solution out there for this?

PaliBob 05-28-2010 06:30 PM

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Make sure the Hp Printer related S/W is up to date

I have been running more than one Hp printer & when I did the last HP S/W update I got an update that was printer specific. It solved a different problem in that when I selected my Hp C6180 non laser printer to print documents they went instead to the Hp 2600n laser printer

1) Type UPD in the Search Box
2) Select HP Update

poppameth 05-28-2010 09:09 PM

Download and install the latest drivers from HP if you haven't already.

Wildie 05-30-2010 02:32 PM

Thank you all for your replies!

We removed all the programs associated with the HP printer.
Using the original CD that came with the printer, we installed the printer drivers only using the 'custom' install option.

The printer appeared under printers in Control panel.

However, when the computer was shut off and then re-booted, we had the 'new hardware found' message occur again.
Looked in the CP/Printers and had two appearances again.
So deleted one and and rebooted the machine.
This time, everything was normal.

My friend is now away on vacation, so I'll have to wait until she's back, before I'm sure the problem is resolved.

MagicalHome 05-31-2010 09:25 AM

I cannot remember exactly, but there might be an option to choose whether you want to install a new hardware which is found by windows or not. I think you only need to disable the automatically installing function :D

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