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lifestooshort81 05-16-2013 06:52 AM

Monitor Resolutions...
Hi Folks,
I have a large screen 28" (diag) display I am using on an older IBM desktop. I just installed a fresh copy of Windows XP pro (sorry, i'm old school and all my old software gives me compatibility issues with newer operating systems...regardless of "compatibility" mode). The display is a 16:9 wide screen format and the highest resolutions thru windows skews everything ever so slightly... I'm primarily using the computer for CAD so having an on-screen square actually be square (as opposed to being a rectangle) is important. When I had this display attached to a different computer, I believe I used a video card and their software to achieve the correct resolution. That computer kinda "blew up" (it doesn't boot...long story) so I can't even get in to see how I made it work. There are no drivers available from the manufacturer for XP as I've already tried that.

Any suggestions on how I can backdoor this display to work without crazy 3rd party software or a separate video card? I only have two expansion slots on the "new" computer and I don't really have the budget for a good video card. I do'nt see why I can't display the proper resolution thru windows but I'm aware XP is old technology and 28" displays were only a computer geek's wet-dream back then.

Thanks for any input.

gregzoll 05-16-2013 08:06 AM

The display will only go as high as the adapter will allow. Download speccy from and post the results from it, showing what hardware is on this machine.

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