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wendl 09-19-2011 04:18 PM

HP Officejet Series 7410 black print issue

Hi and help me out - HP7410 prints out in color text but the black text does not print in full font. Cleaned the cartridges and terminals as other have suggested, both cartridges are full....any other fixes are really appreciated.

gregzoll 09-19-2011 04:49 PM

Are these brand new cartridges, or refurb type cartridges?

wendl 09-19-2011 05:17 PM

all new HP

gregzoll 09-19-2011 05:29 PM

Make sure that all tape has been removed from the cartridges. Try another ink cartridge. If this is a brand new unit that you just purchased, I would take it back and return for another unit. If it is an older unit, there really is not much else to do, other than try a different set of cartridges, uninstall the printer, and reinstall. Check the settings to make sure you can do a test print in grayscale.

Try to do a copy of something in Black & white, by placing the document on the glass of the scanner, and then press the black button to make the copy.

Also, you could try and run Ubuntu with Windows, by downloading and running either the version on a CD or USB stick, or the Windows install, which will run like a regular windows program. When you load Ubuntu, you can try to do a test from there with the printer to see if it also does not print in color after going through everything on the link from HP I pasted.

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