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Doc Holliday 06-21-2012 07:46 AM

How not to repair laptop.
Hammer fist the keyboard. :(

Doc Holliday 06-21-2012 08:35 AM

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'll also be buying a new laptop of much higher quality but I think I can get this for $300 flat from the seller. Never had an AMD before, though.


Missouri Bound 06-21-2012 02:18 PM

So what do you want, a laptop or desktop? Computers are dirt cheap now. Check the HP website for accurate retail pricing.:thumbsup:

Doc Holliday 06-21-2012 03:55 PM

I actually would like both. I bought a brand new computer hutch not too long ago, wanting a desk top. I'm thinking I'll buy that $350 HP complete set up and use it for awhile, see how I like the AMD Duo Core processor and in the meantime keep my eyes open for a good lap top. I really want a big screen is it, for my desk.

I found a brand new (two months old, used by a student) HP 17.3" lap top for $345. He's come down in price from $400 last week.

Both are 64 bit if that means anything. My now deceased Dell Latitude E6500 was a 32 bit Intel Duo Core.

Do you have any experience with HP, AMD?


polarzak 06-21-2012 05:52 PM

That seems like a fairly good deal. Personally, I don't like HP or Dell PCs as in my opinion they are over priced when new. As for AMD processors, again in my opinion, they are better than Intel. They are a little cheaper, but you can over clock them like crazy. I have had an office Intel fry on me, but never an AMD, not since I started using AMD for my personal PCs back in the old 386 days.

gregzoll 06-21-2012 07:03 PM

Keep in mind, anything made in the past four years, is actually 64bit, even though they are running 32bit OS on them. Look at the IBM Thinkpads. Our state agency bought a bunch of IBM/Lenova Deskpad's (small sized desktops), that are AMD and scream. Even some of the better netbooks are showing justice to the lower end laptops.

Missouri Bound 06-21-2012 07:06 PM

I have had several HP computers, actually have 5 now and I have never had an issue with any of them. Buy the inexpensive system and enjoy it, if you grow out of it or you see that you need more, you can always upgrade later. We run a couple of small businesses out of our home and all is well with the HP's.:thumbsup:

Doc Holliday 06-21-2012 11:30 PM

Yup yup. I just bought this. It needs wireless internet and that's it. Nothing fancy, two years old. I paid asking price.

Tell me what you all think.

Missouri Bound 06-21-2012 11:45 PM

Looks OK to me......and why does it need wireless?

Doc Holliday 06-21-2012 11:51 PM

No wireless card. I was going to get a Cricket Clear wireless account, or keep using my Android with Hot Spot/Lynksys but that sometimes drops. It's annoying.

Missouri Bound 06-21-2012 11:55 PM

Doc, what do you have now? High speed I'll assume, but is it DSL or satellite or cable? And you don't have a router?

Doc Holliday 06-22-2012 06:32 AM

I'm just picking up the Lynks free wifi, no account of my own.

It's $90.00 for the Clear internet and $35.00 per month through Cricket. That'll be my own account with a password. Up to 4 computers can be used.

The salesman at Cricket said it would be a lot faster than Lynksys. Thoughts?

Doc Holliday 06-22-2012 12:59 PM

Got a Tenda wireless thingamajig. Works now!

Doc Holliday 06-22-2012 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by Missouri Bound (Post 948820)
Doc, what do you have now? High speed I'll assume, but is it DSL or satellite or cable? And you don't have a router?

Hey MB, I just purchased a Clear wireless modem, getting it hOoked up in the morning. Any experience with Clear?

Missouri Bound 06-22-2012 09:30 PM

My good friend went that route. He was very happy with it, I looked into it and it's not available in my area. I hear it's quite fast.

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