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user1007 04-11-2012 06:33 AM

Continuous Ink Feed Systems?
Since I cannot paint anymore, I am going to see if I can beef up my color consulting practice again. I anticipate needing to printout lots of things in color for client presentations and even refilled inkjet cartridges are killer.

In the old days when color consulting in a major way before, I used to take JPGs and have custom photo labs give me nice photoprints. Although they don't do custom printing, Walgreen's/WalMart/Others sold film and print processing at under cost and stripped a lot of business way from photo labs. Add to that the shift from film cameras to digital and most labs, even here in the City, just couldn't make it and those left are too pricey.

So, I am going to have print things myself and am planning to start shopping for a printer. Should I be looking for one compatible with a continuous feed ink system? Does anyone have an experience with these systems? Any alternative suggestions? Printer recommendations?

I have found Canons to have nice color controls and to be absolute work horses but am keeping an open mind.

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