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Mills314 01-16-2012 10:05 PM

So, has anyone had any experience with the Rocketfish WiHD system? Basically runs wireless HD from a device (mine is computer) to your TV/receiver.

I like the device, since I can use it to watch netfilx on the TV. Yes, I know that I could just do it with my playstation or Blu Ray player......however I don't have internet out here in the woods. So I am forced to tether my phone to my computer and transmit it via wireless straight to the TV. Works great with music, and netflix..........but what a mess of wires it it!

Any suggestions anyone has to maximize the effectiveness of this device (yes, you have to adjust settings everytime you use it) and minimize the clutter?

I am actually considering getting a desktop computer and a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and hiding the whole damn thing inside the cabinet.

Guess all in all, looking to hear some feedback as to how others are using their computer as a "server" for everything so to speak.


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