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Andrew87 08-09-2012 10:32 PM

Wall mounting to cinder blocks behind drywall
Hey everyone,

Looking for a bit of advice I was planning on wall mounting my plasma tv 42". I just learned that in my town home the wall I would like to mount on is not studded with 2x4 it looks like it is just small studs aprx 1" by 2" concrete screwed into cinder blocks to mount the drywall to and they are not 16" apart there is only one stud down the center of the room (where I would like to mount the tv) and the next studs are about 30" from there ( much too far apart for a wall mount bracket). My question is how can I still wall mount this tv in the center of the room? I know I can drive a couple tapcons in the middle "stud" but that won't be enough support I would think. Without destroying too much wall how can I get some more support? Mainly on the outer corners of the mount.

paw1 08-09-2012 11:30 PM

That's a tough one. Cinder block is delicate to drill into. I don't have the answer but try asking here: under the Custom Installer's Lounge

Custom Installers hang out here and might a better idea.

There also There's the

Dedicated Home Theater Design and Construction
General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms

both would be good forums to ask in.

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