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Branden 09-29-2010 09:25 AM

Surround Sound Hookup Options
Hey guys,

I got a RCA RT2280 surround sound system for free from my parents, they ended up getting a bluray HTIB. Weighing my options on hot to hook it up.

The things that need hooked up are my HDTV, cable box, dvd player and Surround receiver. I guess I have 2 options that I know of which are:

Option 1:
Using 2 hdmi cables, 1 from the cable box to the HDTV hdmi 1, and the other from the dvd player to HDTV hdmi 2. Then I was going to use a fiberoptic cable to run from the HDTV 'optical out' to the surround receiver's 'optical in'. I like this way because I won't have to switch between functions on the receiver. Any reason I shouldn't' do it this way?

Option 2:
Hdmi cable from cable box to HDTV hdmi 1. Fiberoptic cable from cable box out to surround receiver in. Hdmi cable from dvd player to HDTV hdmi 2. Coax cable from dvd player to surround receiver in.

Any preference or opinion on which way will work better? Or, if neither of these is ideal, does anyone have any other opinions? Is there any benefit to using the S-video jack? Thanks!


Branden 09-29-2010 09:43 AM

The manual prefers to run all components into it and then one output to the TV. I don't like this idea b/c it is an older system and I would prefer to use HDMI cables

oberkc 10-06-2010 01:47 PM

Does your HTIB not have additional HDMI in connections? Only SPDIF fiberoptic input for audio?

My TV down-converts audio. If I were to take audio from a blue-ray player (7.1) and send it out from the TV through the fiberoptic, I understand that the result would no longer be 7.1 format. Instead, it would be simple stereo. For this reason, if your TV is like mine and you hook it up per option 1, you may have a loss of audio "quality". For this reason, I would go with option 2.

Another benefit to option 2 is that you can watch TV (cable box) without turning on the HTIB. Sometimes, this is all one wants.

A possible benefit to option 2 (depending on age and capability of components) is the potential to control devices with a single remote, via HDMI-CEC. Check the various manuals for this capability. If there, you may find this beneficial.

I would not use S-video. This analog signal will be noticably lower picture quality. In addition, you would have to run audio connections, creating a cable mess. If your HTIB does not have additional HDMI inputs, option 2 sounds good to me. If audio quality is good enough with option 1, and you value the convenience of not switching the TV input selector, then option 1 is completely viable.

hyunelan2 10-06-2010 02:40 PM

I have my family room hooked up similar to how you described in option 1. If you have no HDMI on the receiver - this is going to be your best option. Put the digital picture & sound into the TV from each source (HDMI), then digital sound from the TV (optical SPDIF) to the receiver. You'll change sources with your TV, and leave the receiver alone.

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