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lindapalmbay 09-28-2009 05:59 AM

subwoofer has no sound
just bought speakers and subwoofer. connected cable from subwoofer out on receiver to subwoofer but no sound -- the sub is on because the light is on. Of course I plugged it into an outlet also...I've tried almost everything but no!! Do the speakers need to be set up before it will work? :(

jerryh3 09-28-2009 06:03 AM

What are the model numbers? Are you sure you have the sub output turned on?

DangerMouse 09-28-2009 06:04 AM

are these for a computer? then yes, they may need to be set up software-wise.
or there may be another knob for volume on the woofer itself!


lindapalmbay 09-28-2009 06:11 AM

subwoofer no sound
No - this is a home theatre system. I tried the volume button on the subwoofer no dice.

lindapalmbay 09-29-2009 02:14 PM

Just as a follow up, I discovered that the receiver's pre-out terminal is not working. Since this is a new receiver, I am returning it. Always something!!!

drtbk4ever 09-29-2009 03:52 PM

I had a similar problem with our sub woofer on our home entertainment system.

We went away on holidays, came home, sub woofer no worky. I spent a great deal of time fiddling with the reciever and checking the cables. I finally discovered that I had unplugged the subwoofer before I left on holidays. Doh.

gregzoll 09-29-2009 06:22 PM

Unless the directions specified to connect to the Pre-Out, normally the Sub connects to your Left & Right Speaker channels, or if the receiver is high end, it will have a Sub output for Front (L/R), Rear (L/R), Surrounds (L/R). Pre-Out is only for a Pre-Amp.

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