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speaker cable

I believe "choking dogs" is pretty on the money regarding his opinions on speaker cable. Very discrete systems tend to be very revealing in regards to properly vs improperly recorded music. I am speaking of systems in the 20K + arena.
Also remember that 2 channel listening vs home theatre are vastly different mediums. I will not go into dipole designs or other boring audio babble.
However...at the end of the day the term "better" is subjective at best.
We all hear something different. The same system in a different accoustic enviornment is going to exhibit different sonics. If your fisher reciever and your sharp speakers with 20 GA. wire sound great to you...Thats wonderful. You can spend all that extra cash going to a live musical performance. It simply does not get better than that. After all, in terms of "better", isn't our reference standard live music? As long as you are not over taxing any of your components, it's really a very personal matter of taste. If you like it...it's art. If you don't...it's not.
our opinion as a design group, is that low level interconnects seem to alter sonics on a larger magnitude, than speaker cables. Although I prefer not to state our company name ( my views may not nessesarily reflect those of my compadres), We endeavour to use the highest quality components in all of our products. our entry level price point is around $500 and we top out with our reference model at around 30K per pair. We use either peerless/Vifa or scanpeak drivers. Our boxes are built like "vaults" using proprietary damping materials, Well constructed cabinets with generous bracing, and the best quality caps, air core inductors, etc. We cannot control accoutic enviornments, placement etc. However we do sleep well at night knowing that in the chain of components we are not a weak link. . Again, these are the opinions of myself and most of our group. In closing I must admit that with all of our testing equipment, anechoic chambers, and engineering expertise....that sometimes we design things that by the laws of audio design...should sound horrible...but they don't. sometimes we just shake our heads and admit there must be some magic hiding in our pool of knowledge that cannot be explained by simple specs. Have a great weekend. Make sure you are listening to the music.....not the equipment.



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