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gec5741 04-23-2013 09:05 AM

Speaker Wire/Network lines
I'm in the process of finishing my basement. I am about done with the framing and starting to think electric. I also have 2 seperate rooms where I plan to have speaker wire run. The first room/area is the main area and bar. I have 4 speakers I plan to run wire too. Then I have my "media room" I would eventually like to run a 7.1 surround to. I also plan to run Coax and network lines and all of this will be coming from my utility room which is pretty much right in between the two locations.

Now what I'm having a problem with is how to go about running these lines. I plan to drywall the celeing. So that being said I'm trying to think ahead and not hose myself if down the road I need to add/change a line. It's easy enough to simply just run the cat6, coax, and speaker wire to my locations but once I drywall I'll probably never be able to get a line back to that location. So I guess I"m wondering do I really care? Part of me thinks that as long as I have the lines in place and have more then enough drops to areas that I would or may want lines run to should I stress out about trying to come up with some sort of "case pipe" system? My first thought was to use pvc pipe and run that sort of system for all my lines but that's proving tougher then I orrigonally thought. Getting the pipe where I need it with little bends will be impossible and if I add in 90 degree angles i'm not so sure I'll get a fish tape through anyway defeating the purpose. I can add a few access panels into the celing but not sure if that would be enough to really be able to move lines around and I don't want a ton of access panels all over the place.

The only other think I was thinking about was maybe when I get an electricial to do the electric we add in more conduit for this purpose?

Any advice for this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Deja-vue 04-24-2013 07:43 PM

71 Views and no answer.
I guess we don't know where to begin or what your real question is.

I always run more wires than actually needed in any Home Theater.
And with more Receivers coming out with 9.2, 11.2 or more Channels, it would be wise to be prepared and run more Speaker-wires in future Speaker locations.
Check out for Speaker placement.

I don't know why you would run Coax with the exception of having multiple Subwoofers. (these can be driven with Coax Cables and adapters.)
Cat6, ok, if you run HDMI over Cat later on or plan on doing it right now.

If you like more answers, you might want to check out, they have a section about Dedicated Home Theater Construction.
And post some pictures, if you like.
It will be interesting how things work out for you.

gregzoll 04-24-2013 10:19 PM

Draw out a plan, if you have architect drawings of the home theater, make a copy for location of wires. Remember that Cat-6 can be used also for HDMI over Ethernet wire, and RG-6 can be used for both audio & component video.

The first question is, how many components are you locating in the closet, are they feeding other parts of the house, how many speakers total through out the house, are you using some type of controller to control the media server, what are you using to watch movies and tv in each room.

I did find one nice USB to network adapter, that you could also put on your list as a media server to your network. It will allow you to connect up to 4 USB hard drives, has a built in media server, and iTunes server. Just a fyi, in case you are looking for something else to add on your list of equipment for your network.

Also as for HDMI, you can do HDMI over network, but it gets pricey for the equipment, and is becoming just into the leading edge of technology that is becoming more of the norm. Also you can look at something like the Trendnet AC1750 Router, which will do 1.3gbps throughput

Not much else I can think of, other than you may want to if you have not already, is check out the pdf book at for home theater building.

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