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Originally Posted by bofusmosby View Post

Let's see, Polaroid...Chinese, Kodak...Chinese, RCA...Chinese, Insignia...Chinese, Scott...Chinese, Akai...Chinese (most, not all), ILO...Chinese, Sony...Chinese (some of them), Maxent...Chinese, and I could go on and on. ALWAYS check the label on the back of the sets to be sure where they are made.


You have named a bunch of no name brands, other than your claim of SOME Sony products, which clearly backs my statement about buying a name brand.

Think about it; other than some old venerable names such as RCA and Westinghouse, of which a Chinese company bought the nights to (the name), most well known name brands, are made in Japan, Korea and the like.

US made TV's?

I don't believe there are any that survived the overwhelming flood of product from Asia.

Sadly, the desire for making a TV purchase has become a matter of "what's the lowest price". Why has Vizio been so successful? The general public ran out and bought their TV based on it being the cheapest. The WalMart mentality is what made that company.

I think this thread is a good indicator of that mentality. The original poster is looking for a cheap way to have a TV outside. In my opinion, there really is no cheap solution.

Do it right or don't do it.

Or maybe just buy one of those Chinese junk flat panels and figure on throwing it away when it fails.


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IMO, unless the TV is waterproof, NO SET should be outside, or for that matter, in a screened in area. The dampness will destroy any set over time. Of course the new flat-panel sets will never last like the old CRT based sets. The average age of a flat-panel set when it comes into my shop with problems is 1-3 years.

BTW, I don't just "Claim" to say that some Sony sets are made in China, that is a fact. I strongly recommend that on ANY set purchase, the country of manufacturer can easily be checked by just looking on the back label. NEVER go by just a brand name. In the past you could, but not anymore.
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I just recently did a job where a gym had 4 flat-panel Mitsubishi TV's (Made in Japan) installed in an indoor swimming pool area. The TV's were installed in weather-resistant metal cabinets to keep any errant splashing off of them. The environment, was of course very warm and moist. The TV's did not last 3 years. NOT because of the moisture, but because of chlorine in the pool corroded the electronics inside. All the circuit boards were covered with white dusty stuff where the solder and any other exposed metal was!

We are replacing the TV's with projectors The projectors will actually be installed in some climate-isolated offices, with long-throw lenses shining the picture onto vinyl screens through windows that look out over the pools. A great solution I think...The projectors are staying where the environment is much more comfortable for the electronics. So, thinking back to the original poster's comment, a projector may be a good idea...as long as most of the TV viewing won't be in direct sunlight (projectors today are quite bright). The projector can be located inside the house and shine through a window onto an inflatable or pull-up screen somewhere on the deck.


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