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Proulx06 05-24-2007 10:32 PM

Flickering picture on LCD
I painstakingly ran coax from my basement up to the 2nd floor of my house, up next to the chimney. It was tough. Now I have it connected to my Comcast cable box, then through the wall to my LCD. The picture is ok, but every 3-5 seconds, the whole TV flickers. The TV is new so it may or may not be that, but I have a feeling it's the cable. What might cause this? Too close to a power cable? Bad connectors (I made them myself after buying a coax crimper)?

Is there anything I can test to narrow it down?

KUIPORNG 05-25-2007 09:07 AM

cable connection is really tricky... the cheap HD coax crimper is no way comparable to professional expensive one, why I know... been there before... I luckily have a friend who works in the cable company who come over to straighten up the thing for me...

for the cable itself, the thicker the inside core wire.. the better... again HD selling cheap stuff on those also... those in cable company are far superior in quality....

in your case, I believe it is your self making connector... I done that before... I knew it is not easy to do with cheap equipment... but who will buy an over $100 equipment to do the job for the few connections at their home....

so your solution is : either find someone with good equipment.... or buy cables with right length and you don't need to cut and built connector(s)

Proulx06 05-25-2007 10:59 PM

Ah, good to know! I think I got the crimper on ebay if I recall. I'll try a store-bought one to go from the cable box to the TV, but it's gonna suck if I have to rerun the one up to the bedroom. Might be better to spend the money on a real crimper! But we'll see, thanks for the info.

mediatech 09-23-2007 04:59 PM

To figure out your problem - I need to ask a couple of questions. Do you have anything else connected to your new TV? For example, do you have a DVD connected? If so, does the problem occur on the DVD input as well? If yes, it probably is the TV. If you don't have a DVD connected - connect one temporarily for testing and see wassup. If the problem only occurs with the cable box, wiggle the coax and see if the problem happens. Also, try bypassing the cable box and tune to lower channels on your TV. If the problem goes away - have your cable co get you a new box!

Good luck! :thumbup:

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