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Lavid2002 02-08-2012 11:15 AM

Basic in-wall speaker system setup, suggestions?
I am looking into a speaker system that I can mount on the walls. I am willing to use brackets to mount speakers on the tops of the walls if mounting the speakers in the walls will have an huge effect on the acoustics.

I just want a basic system that has a mini-input for a Ipod or laptop, a volume knob mounted on the wall, and very sleek speakers. It doesn't have to be loud, and great quality isn't a must by any means. Just some quiet tunes while working in an office.

Any suggestions? I was thinking a couple 6" speakers on the side walls surrounding the desk would be fine. It's new construction so running the wires won't be problematic.

Thank you in advance :)


Ironlight 02-08-2012 09:33 PM

Check the in-ceiling speakers at I used them throughout the first floor of my house during a recent renovation and have been very happy with them. They have versions that are mean for mounting in the wall instead of the ceiling and the general concensus is that these provide better sound than in the ceiling. Mount them in the same wall, no closer than 18" to the corners, for the best sound. You do NOT want the speakers facing each other which sounds like what you were considering. You can get the in-wall speaker wire at Monoprice as well.

You'll likely want to terminate the in-wall speaker wire to a speaker wall plate, from which you would then run wires to your amplifier or whatever system you're using. You're going to need something to power the speakers...just make sure that whatever it is has terminals/posts for connecting external speakers.

Pyle makes a decent little amp for this purpose, if your'e plugging in an iPod or computer. It's not audiophile quality but that's not what you're looking for:

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