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Nathan 07-04-2008 03:08 PM

How To: Post
We get a lot of new members on this site every day and some of them are having trouble figuring out how to post. This walk through is designed to help you get started. If after reading this you still have questions feel free to Contact Us. This may seem complex to newcomers at first but once you do it you'll see that it's pretty simple. If you give it a little effort I'm sure it will be well worth your time.

Register and Log In
If you haven't already, please Register for a Free Account. It's fast, easy, and FREE so go ahead and sign up today.

Once you've created an account make sure your logged in. The easiest way to log in is to enter your username and password into the upper right hand corner text boxes shown below.

Make sure you have Cookies Enabled on your browser and to check the box that says "Remember Me?" so you stay logged in. Then press the "Log In" button

Posting a New Topic (aka Thread)
1. Picking a Category (aka Forum Topic)
Before you can start a new topic you need to pick a category for it to reside in. This helps us keep the site organized and to make it easier for you to find your post later on.
If your on our homepage you will see a list of this categories. For example there is General Discussion, Introductions, Project Showcase, etc... Click on the category name that best fits your post and you will enter into that forum topic.

2. Posting a New Topic (aka Thread)
Once you've registered, logged in, and picked a category for your post your ready to get started.
Look for a button that looks like this:
Click on that and you will be directed to a new page with two text boxes. One for Title and one for your Message.
Enter in your Title and Message and then hit the button that says "Submit New Thread"

There are a lot of things you can do here such as subscribe to get email notifications of replies, attach files, add images, smiles, etc... but this is the basic way to post a new thread.

Replying to a Topic (aka Thread)

In addition to posting your own topic you can also reply to existing ones. This is how the conversation takes place on the site. If you are reading a thread and want to reply you can do so two different ways.
First, there is a text box on the bottom of the thread where you can type a "quick reply". Just type your response into the box provided and then click on the button that says "Post Quick Reply"

You can also click the button on the top and bottom left of the thread that says "Post Reply". You will then get a text box with more editing options for your reply.

I hope this walk through helped you understand how to post on our site and once again please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks :thumbsup:

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