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WiFi getting hacked?

First, from the manual of the router:
Page 70.

Solid Green = WIFI is powered.
Flickering Green = Activity seen from devices connected via WIFI. The flickering of the light is synchronized to actual data traffic.
Off = The device is not powered or no powered devices connected to the associated ports



Turning off SSID broadcast and using MAC filtering provide a false sense of security? While I agree that it's not a particularly robust solution for the enterprise, running a Radius server in your home might be considered overkill, or in the very least, a bit outside the scope of ability for the average home user.

In my experience, most residential "hackers" are just looking for free internet. So in effect, you don't need to be the most secure wifi router on the block, you simply need to be more secure than "most" of your neighbors.

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WiFi getting hacked?

My wifi is on at the moment but the light on the router is off. This is how it has been since installation except on those few occasions when I have found it on for some reason other than either of my wifi devices. The first time it happened I renamed the router and changed the rest of the defaults. The next time it happened I hide the SSID. The third time it happened I just turned it off for a day. When I turned it back on the light stayed off......for now anyway. So based on that history I presumed there was an unknown device connected that did not show up in the device list when ever this light was on. I thought that a connection needed to have my SSID and WEP key. We have never tried to connect either of our phones to the network. I don't think they are even "smart" phones to begin with.
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WiFi getting hacked?

The only advice I could give is this:

Forget about hiding your SSID. It just makes it harder for some buggy wireless implementations to connect to your network, and it's still entirely possible to discover your networks SSID anyway.

Forget about MAC filtering, anyone can easily discover the MAC of a device that's allowed on the network, and set their device to use that MAC.

Enable WPA2 security with a strong passphrase. Unlike WEP, which can be cracked in a few minutes, WPA2 is really only vulnerable to brute-force attacks which try to guess the passphrase, which should take a very, very long time if your passphrase is reasonably strong.

Disable WPS, if applicable. Many routers these days have a "one-click connect" feature, often using a button you press on the router itself, or in the router's configuration. This feature lets a new device communicate with your router to set itself up and obtain the WPA key. There are some weaknesses in WPS that can allow someone to gain access to your network.

Once you've done all this, relax. You will be as secure as possible, unless you upset the NSA or something. Any occasional activity from your router's Wi-Fi light while your devices are powered off will only be due to one of a few things:

A device which is still in standby, maintaining it's connection to the network.

The router itself broadcasting occasional traffic and probing for devices

The router reacting to probe requests from neighboring devices and networks

Buggy firmware on the router (surprisingly likely)
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WiFi getting hacked?

That confirms it, that the RG is using a Power saving mode, when it senses no wireless devices in its vicinity. I thought that they had done away with that "Green" feature on most consumer grade units, since it was causing more problems then saving power.

Do not get me wrong, that it was a nice feature on paper, when the engineers drew it up, but when it comes to real life use, it causes more problems with a lot of legacy equipment, that relies on that continuous Beacon the A/P sends out, for a "Keep Alive".

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