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donaldo88 06-23-2013 01:05 AM

WeedWacker Carb
:thumbsup:Craftsman 358 798210. Unsuccessful downloading parts manual. One of the first things I've ever failed to save the original book. Can't pump fuel using the little bulb. Had carb apart, don't know what is not working, but if I could I'd replace the rubber in the base of the primer, and the plastic diaphram on the other side of the metal body, just as a wild guess. Everythng is clean.
Any experience in this? Thanks?

user1007 06-23-2013 04:08 AM

I posted a site for manuals awhile back in the How To section. It is a great resource and perhaps you would have better luck downloading from it than what you tried? You might search for the engine manual, not the Craftsman brand on the machine, if you hit a snag.

I was a PMT for SEARS for a time and hid in the back of the store fixing things, rebuilding ratchets, ordering parts for store owned things, and making (with help of the SEARS expert system) decisions about what got sent to service and to the trash compactor. I also checked out loaners and markdowned merchandise out of the carton. I was always anxious to help customers so if you cannot find the answers you need, ask for the PMT at your SEARS store.

Have you been running gas with ethanol in the small engine? Even with a conditioner, it can be really hard on rubber and plastic parts. If they make one for your model, you should probably get a carb rebuild kit and rebuild the whole thing. I should think the rubber primer bulb would be included.

If you have a boat yard near or live where there are vintage cars, you should be able to buy ethanol free gas. You can also get it at places like Sears in quarts. It's expensive but cheaper than a new machine?

joecaption 06-23-2013 08:04 AM

Stop by a local Poulan dealer and bring your old bulb.

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