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Used skid steer for homeowner use

Unfortunately, my buddy no longer has his playscape install business, so I can't just borrow his Mustang any more.

Not looking for anything fancy. Don't need hydraulic lines for various attachments. Don't need heat. Don't need AC.

Just want a reliable machine that will push dirt around from time to time. A single bucket would do me. A pair of forks would be nice though.

Don't need a trailer as I haven't a truck that could pull it anyway.

Gas/diesel is OK, although I suppose diesel is preferable.

I just ask that it be reliable and, just as importantly, re-saleable a few years down the road when I decide I have pushed all the dirt that needs pushing in my yard.

I figure that doing this beats renting them when you need to. Renting is fine, if you have to do a certain job and you'll be done. I tend not to operate that way. Partly because I never know when I may have to drop things and go to work. I'd hate to be on the clock for a rental while I was at work.

I would like to stay in the $5000 ballpark, but realize that it might make sense to go higher, especially since buying a $4000 machine on its last legs probably wouldn't fit the re-saleable part of the equation.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I have done some searching on CL and it seems as though you start seeing lots of older bobcats or similar in the 7-8K area. I suppose I could spend that, but I'd prefer not to. I guess I could even spend a little more, but then I would just be a little more expedient about getting my dirt pushing finished and get it back on the market.

It would seem to me that if you got a good deal, took care of it and turned it around within 2 years, you ought to get a good percentage of your dollars back. Hell, might even be able to get a really good deal this time of year as it is the end of the season and owners are less likely to want to hold it through the winter.


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Re: Used skid steer for homeowner use

I just ask that it be reliable and,
Ayuh,.... I'd think yer gonna be in the $10,000. - $20,000. range,...

Less than $10,000 is in the "On it's last legs, before needin' Major repairs" range,....

'n Winter is prime skid-steer season, for movin' snow,....


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Re: Used skid steer for homeowner use

Yep, for that budget you probably either get a well worn machine or small machine that's really not up to the task of doing any serious digging. Any kind of major breakdown on these machines can cost thousands in repairs, especially if you are unable to do it yourself. Unless you have a real long term continual need or plans to keep the machine I would look into renting.

Most of this type equipment can be rented by the week or month for substantial savings over the daily rate. A machine that might cost $200+ by the day can rent for less than $1500 for an entire month. You can get a reliable, newer and much more capable machine and you'll know what it's going to cost up front.

Buying a machine to use and then resell can work out if you get the right machine at the right price, but you better know about equipment to avoid getting stuck with a clunker. I would definitely up the budget to get a better quality, more capable machine. When it comes time to resell you need a wider market to sell to. Having a decent mid sized machine will make selling it easier. You can still end up taking a big hit depending on market demand, economy or even the time of year you need to move it.
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Re: Used skid steer for homeowner use

And beware of the many scams on Craig's List.
A $14,000 loader being sold for $2056.
Offering free shipping when there out of state.
Upper and lower case letters in the ad as if there cap lock button is stuck.
Only an email address, or it says Text me instead of just a phone number.
When posting in forums, letting us know your location will help others give better feedback/advice/solutions to your questions
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Re: Used skid steer for homeowner use

Agree Bondo, except for the thing to look for is hours used on the clock. I had a skidsteer for about 13yrs, kept it at the place and didn't use it in my work. ( more like my toy It only had 745hrs since new, kept under roof, and I did sell it when I retired and downsized for $11,500. Just be sure Pete you have someone who knows equipment with you when you check them out.
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