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RCrosby257 04-26-2013 06:07 PM

Small Tiller Gas Tank
I have a small gas tiller; a Ryobi 410r, that has me completely perplexed.
It worked fine last fall. Today when I went to fill the gas tank I realized that the gas was running out the bottom of the tank almost as fast as I poured it in the top.
There's a line that goes from a filter inside the tank to one side of the carberator. Another line goes from the fuel tank to the priming bulb chamber and then on to the other side of the carb. Those lines are fine.
What I don't understand is that there's a hole, about 3/16" in diameter and perfectly formed, in the bottom of the tank. If it was plugged, somehow the plug came out during the winter. If a line came through the hole I sure can't fine where it might have led to.
Any ideas? I'm tempted to plug the hole and see if it runs. Bought it new in 1996, and it wasn't an expensive machine, so owes me nothing.

Had to look a little closer. There's a second nipple on the back side of the priming unit. Tube will go from there to tank. Still don't know where it went, but problem solved. Tried to delete entire thread but couldn't figure out how. Sorry to have taken you time.

Rob Crosby

oh'mike 04-26-2013 09:54 PM

Moved this to small engine repair----

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