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Mower and leaf blower running problems

I assume this is the proper forum for questions on these, and it's not just reserved for tractors and such?

I have a Honda mower and Poulan leaf blower that are giving me fits. Admittedly, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not been a meticulous as I should have been with keep that in mind.

Mower is an HRT216, Jan 2003 production. What it's doing is, basically, not revving past "off idle". It will start cold under full choke fine...then when I try to increase the speed, nothing happens, or the revs will slow down to the point it stalls out. I can visually look at the carb linkage and see it's fastest speed is just after the throttle fully opens the choke, it'll then move a little with no speed change, then going farther ( faster speed ) the revs slow. I've intarwebz searching for this issue and, from what I gather, the carbs on this series of engine have known problems, and a new one may fix it. Not everybody with a problem like mine, who replaced the carb, had that fix the issue. So before I plunk down 20 buck or so for one and a couple gaskets, was looking to see if there's another option.

Leaf blower is a Poulan Pro BVM200, and it's doing pretty much the same thing as the mower, only it's tied to the choke instead of the throttle. It will start "normally", but it either will not run at all, or run at a reduced speed, with the choke set to full open. The choke has 3 settings - full on, 1/2 choke, and wide open. With the throttle set to full speed and at 1/2 choke is the only way it'll run with any blowing power. If I set the choke to wide open, the engine slows way down or cuts out totally.

Not sure if this is normal, as I've never paid attention to it/them in the past, but when it's running the primer bulb is a mini hurricane, fuel is whipping through there creating a vortex and tons of tiny bubbles.

I did notice a correlation though - when I set the choke to full open, and the engine is still running, the vortex is still there. After a couple minutes I can then hear the engine stumble a tiny bit, and with that the primer bulb vortex ceases, followed by the engine slowly sputtering out.

Intarwebz research shows this Poulan "Pro" model is basically a disposable unit, fraught with issues, starting with cylinder head bolts loosening....which I've had to deal with many times. That said, I really like it, as it's got a horizontally oriented turbine as opposed to a vertical one like I see with every gas powered blower out there now, which I hate and for some reason tire my arms out in no time flat. I can use the Poulan for hours and not fatigue.

Any advice or knowledge for getting the above two running somewhat normal would be greatly appreciated...


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Choking Dogs? What a name....


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Have you tried the simple things first like new spark plugs, oil change, and lubrication of the moving parts? Do you run them dry at the end of the season or let the old gas sit in the tank all winter gumming up the fuel lines and carb? Try adding some Gumout to a fresh tank of gas and see if that doesn't help.
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