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av-geek 06-01-2012 06:55 AM

horsepower vs torque
I have a 20 year old MTD lawnmower with a 5hp Briggs quantum engine on it. I am looking to buy a new mower with a similar power rating, but I noticed all the mowers now are rated in torque. From what I have read, they say this is a more accurate measurement. Horsepower is the combination of RPM plus torque, so the torque rating is sort of like the ampere rating on an electric appliance, versus the watt rating. Yea, mowers are all governed down to about 3200 rpm, so the torque should be the only variable. I also read that the horsepower rating would be measured on the mower engines above their governed now, back to the original question. Anybody know how much torque the old Briggs 5hp quantum engines made?

Fix'n it 06-04-2012 08:17 AM

idk. but i have a new craftsman platinum 7ftp/torque. my grass is nothing unusual, and i would not want a smaller mower. though most of the time a smaller one would do just fine.

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