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DAlnB 11-19-2012 11:07 PM

Cratsman Yard-Vac Bag Replacement
I have gone through two collector bags for my Craftsman Power Propelled Yard Vacum (Model 247.770990) .They are some sort of fabric that just seems to fall apart. The replacement cost for the bags has gone to over $100.
A stick was blown through the first bag and it just continued to come apart after that. I replaced the bag and kept it clean and open to the air when not in use but it just seemed to start coming apart.

Is there any known options to this bag (Cratsman Part No. - 764-0631A)?:mad:

user1007 11-20-2012 01:08 AM

Just a thought Sears will probably not like all that much. Actually they liked me and my way of resolving things. Go to the store. Ask to speak with the PMT (stands for something I do not remember but I was one). I made most decisions about the fate of customer warranty returns and store owned stuff. I had access to the same catalogs the parts and service department guys had but sometimes extra lawn or debris bags for equipment on hand. I did not have a store cash register and often forgot whether I was supposed to calm down an irrate customer or not. Or charge them for whatever I ordered?

Fourth time you came in begging for a new bag we might have had to have a discussion though. You cannot keep sucking up sticks, land mines, rabbid scratching squirrels, big-haired ex-wives, rocks, lawn gnomes, etc. and expect Sears to replace the bag just because the vacuum works to well and these projectiles puncture what was really designed to hold mainly leaves?

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