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MidgeTenant 04-07-2012 08:25 PM

Xypex or other sealant for foundation leaks
In heavy rain, water leaks from four or five spots in the uphill side of the foundation of my San Francisco row house, and runs in little streams along the concrete basement floor.

The house is built on a hill, and the leaks are only on the side of the foundation that face uphill. There is no gap between my roof line and the roof line of the neighborhood immediately uphill from me; there is no place for rain to enter between our houses, at least from above.

The foundation is of the 'concrete perimeter' type, according to the house inspector, and doesn't have reinforcing steel.

I asked a local contractor about this problem. He suggested I look into Xypex, but sounded a little pessimistic about how long the Xypex treatment would last, and said he could offer no guarantees that the Xypex application would stop the leaks.

Does anyone on this forum have experience with Xypex? Or can you recommend another product or treatment for dealing with these leaks?

For what it's worth, there are no living quarters in the basement, and the water from these leaks only runs on the concrete floor, without touching the wood of the frame. The leaks are annoying, but I probably could live with them, if I had to.

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