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notbob 04-25-2012 02:24 PM

When should I remove my forms?
I am adding an 8'x28' addition to our single story house.
Yesterday, I did a monopour of the footings and walls.

Footers were made from 2x8's, 16" wide, 8" deep.
Walls were made from 3/4" OSB, 8" wide, 36" high. Slightly sprayed down with WD40 to help them release better.

I placed 10 mil vapor barrier in the footer forms and then treated 1x4's on top of the footer to support the wall forms for the single pour.

2 pieces of 1/2 rebar are in the footer, doweled and epoxied 4" into the existing basement wall, then a single piece of rebar 12" down from the top of the wall and then another single piece down 12" from that. Both of the singles were also doweled and epoxied in.
All pieces were overlapped 18-24" and tied together with 4 ties each overlap.

We made 3 lifts using 4000 mix, 5 slump.
Poured the footer in first and vibrated a couple seconds every couple feet.
Poured 18" and vibrated a couple seconds every couple feet.
Came back and poured to top, vibrated then topped and leveled off.

Everything went really well.
Pour temp was around 65. Temps for the next 4 days will be 50-65 with 35-40 at night. Lightly raining today with a 30% chance tomorrow, then again Saturday.

When should I remove the forms?
I was thinking about doing it Sat and then starting the framing Sunday?
Too long, too soon, sound like a plan??


jcrack_corn 04-25-2012 04:49 PM

pretty sure you should remove the forms right now, but let someone confirm.

7 days before framing is pretty standard.

jomama45 04-25-2012 06:31 PM

The next day is no problem, especially if the walls are mostly buried anyways. The sooner you get the forms off, typically the better. The only time you may want to keep wood forms in place is when you're trying to trap the curing heat in during winter for a few days.

When I was a kid, my Dad was pretty serious into pouring foundations. He alwys did the entire spectrum of concrete & masonry, but for a few years during the building boom of the late 80's, he was doing 40+ foundations a year with a small crew and little technology. I recall him telling me a story about pouring & stripping an 8' high basement the same day, because it was an hour or so from home, and he didn't want to go back again. That's certainly pushing the limits, but generally speaking, 24 hours is safe for stripping.\

As for framing a lightweight wood structure on top? I think 2-4 days would be fine, depending on the concrete mix. You may want to wait a full week or so to fully tighten the anchor bolts though.

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