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fourx 06-18-2012 08:58 PM

Wall meets Eave Stucco repair (pics)
Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster looking for a little advice :)

Recently purchased a 100+ year old fixer upper with some issues that I'd like to get started with fixing. Here are the facts:

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Home age: built in 1901, 2 extensions built onto back of house in last 30 yrs (poorly)

the majority of the house is covered in hard stucco, and it seems to have been painted before sale, so no idea how old it is. for the most part, it seems A-OK in every area except one where the old house, meets the eave of the 'newer' extension.

it looks to me like the previous owner did a shingled roof DIY install on the extensions (probably within the last few years), and had to break up the stucco where the two met. i know he did it himself because we found about 40 sq feet of unused shingles behind the house after we moved in. on top of that, instead of repairing the stucco where he had pulled it, he then decided to use some sort of black/tar-ish stuff to finish the corner. fast forward some years later, and it looks like what is pictured, and in some areas is completely missing, leaving behind exposed L flashing.

the problem is evidenced in the images to follow. as if it wasn't already obvious that the roof would be leaking from that location, we do have wet drywall during hard driving rains in the room of the extension. it is centralized (as far as we can tell) directly under the botched corner. i'm sure there is leaking along the entire length of the roof but mainly in the corner is wet enough to dampen the drywall. additionally, the sheathing of the roof in that area seems warped and sunken in a little.

ideally, i'd like to avoid pulling the whole roof and starting over (even though it's pretty small) and just fix the stucco where it meets the roof. the extensions on this home are simply a bonus for me.. if i can keep them in working order without damaging the existing "old" house, i'll do it. but otherwise, they are throwaway rooms for me..

so with that in mind so here are my questions:

1) does the existing flashing look ok? can i wire up this area and stucco down to where it meets the shingles?

2) the warped sheathing-- should I re-roof the area before bothering to do anything?

3) last pic question: i'm not crazy worried about the color match, but should i try and square off the repair horizontally (red) or just stick to the part that is screwed up (blue)? the red area is around 25-30 sq ft.

4) any recommendations for product? QUIKRETE one-step stucco is what i'm currently looking at.

i think i covered everything... generally speaking just looking for some thoughts or advice. let me know if you have any questions

some notes on the pics: disregard the awful siding and old and busted gutters. i have plans for all that...

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