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CarlsonRower 03-21-2012 10:03 AM

Repour of a concrete pad over new foam/pex
Hey folks,

So I am having my basement slab torn out within a few days to make way for a radiant floor system.

A few questions....

1. Is there a minimum PSI that I should have the rigid foamboard be? At 4" deep the concrete itself is only... .35 PSI from what I calculated.

2. I plan on using rigid foamboard and taping the seams of each board. Do I still need a 6mil vapor barrier below the foam?

3. Do I need a vapor barrier between the concrete wall and the foamboard (wall)?

4. Is there a particular type of tubing that is best for use in radiant floor systems in slab? I ask because I have a quote for tubing (complete system but I install myself) that is more than triple the price of some I've found on Amazon (still PEX, size, and oxygen resistant)

5. Is there a good supply house that I could buy foamboard and vapor barrier for this application? Seems like the big box stores only carry one type and the prices scare me... I was hoping I could pay less because i'm getting so much (all the walls and the floor).

I'm sure I'll think of more questions.

Thanks guys :)


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