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machouinard 10-21-2012 11:02 PM

Repairing Stucco/Parging? (w/ images)
I'm attempting to fix up the exterior walls of this garage/office. I'm looking for some suggestions about the best way to patch the following areas. This home is in Sacramento, CA. Thanks for having a look, and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a close up of the blemish to the left of the window. The divot surrounding the nail head is about 1/2" deep. It appears to be painted concrete. I'm not real concerned about patching that but no comments/suggestions will be ignored.

One of my main concerns here is around the windows. The 2 inch wide strip of material that is obviously different from the walls and has now come loose and is flaking off in places.

And a closer view...

I'm guessing this isn't as simple as removing all the loose material, mixing up some Portland and filling in the gaps, right? Would Portland even be the right material? Type S, possibly?

And in these next images, I'm not sure if I'm dealing with stucco, parging or something else all together.

Based on what I've learned so far, my best guess would be that it's parging in the images by the conduit and stucco in the last two images, but it all looks so thin. Could it all be parging?

At any rate, guess I'll go back to scouring the internet for answers. Just thought I'd post here and see what happens.

And if you've gotten this far, thanks again for having a look!


ddawg16 10-22-2012 12:42 AM

HD or Lowes sells a pre-mixed Stucco patch material....comes in a 1 gallon bucket....stuff is pretty tough....

Just so you understand....that damage near the ground is going to be hard to patch....and what ever you do....will most likely happen again.

The method now for Stucco in CA is to stop at the mud sill....a weep screed is installed with the paper over the flange...this allows moisture to travel down and exit the weep screed.....

In your case...the water gets down below the mud sill....and then as no where to go.....and you start getting what you have. I 'had' the same problem.....not any more....I removed the stucco below the mud plate.

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