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stupid48 07-07-2013 11:28 PM

Remove old paint from concrete patio slab..
So, I was going to help my elderly neighbor resurface his backyard patio. I'm going to do a micro-topping with an acid stain. The only problem is that he had someone paint it in the past and of course it's failing. I'm not sure what the paint is. The parts that are peeling are quite rubbery so I'm thinking acrylic but I guess it could be epoxy as well.... Anyways, he's had someone with a 3500psi washer try and he worked for hours and barely made a dent. So, I'm thinking a different approach. I've thought of three:
  1. Scarifier
  2. Surface Grinder
  3. Rock-Miracle chemical with a scraper and power-washer
I can rent the first two. Does anyone have any suggestions on any approach?

Thanks, Chris

stadry 07-08-2013 06:04 AM

no mfg i know recommends micro ever be used for exterior applications,,, use regular polymer-modified base coat mtl instead

most apron stores' rental dept's have a diamabrush which fits a lo-speed buffer,,, its quite good at removing coatings

next acid-prep & neutralize conc before applying base & top coats,,, then acid-stain,,, after stain, neutralize, scrub, & rinse well residual mineral salts,,, let dry & apply 2 coats of a solvent-bas'd sealer

Scarifier - results in a corduroy texture;
Surface Grinder - probably you can rent an edco - i don't like them
Rock-Miracle chemical - never heard of it

these are my suggestions based on 15yrs in the trade,,, they are generic as i've only used elitecrete mtls

stupid48 07-08-2013 02:52 PM

Thanks. I like the lo-speed buffer idea. I think I can rent one from ahern. As for the microtopping, I think I misused the terminology. I think what I should be saying is: overlay?

stadry 07-08-2013 08:02 PM

in a just-add-water mix, micro is polymer & white cement,,, for aggregate, elitecrete adds silicon carbide,,, think others use sand { which wears down MUCH faster }

stupid48 07-08-2013 10:26 PM

Thanks for the info...

To switch gears....I'm looking at the elitecrete website. If I was going to do a skip trowel finish, would Thin-Finish be the product to use?

stadry 07-09-2013 04:09 AM

depending on the depth of the client's pockets, we call that technique ' slop trowel, skip trowel, or tuscan finish :laughing: but yes, that's the stuff :thumbsup: we've used tf to overlay wooden steps, too,,, the flexural strength's great ! you may even find a new career path :thumbup:

stupid48 07-09-2013 12:28 PM

Thanks so much for the advice! I don't think I can get that product here in Southern Nevada so it was more of a curiosity question....

stadry 07-10-2013 02:56 AM

having sandblasted miles of concrete, i can tell you someone's never done it & had a reasonable smooth surface result from the process,,, eg, IF you were to use a nozzle of sufficient size ( 1/4" ) for even 00 sand, you'd need a 150cfm air compressor driving the s/b pot system,,, then there's all the dust & the protection from bounce-back/ricochet damage + cleanup,,,:furious: when that's all done, you've got a surface resembling alligator skin - pocks, dimples, spalls, & exposed aggregate that didn't succumb to the blast :censored: in which case you can overlay the surface using 2 or 3 X as much o'layment mtl as you might have had you used the lo=speed technique.

then again, its your choice :whistling2:

vsheetz 07-10-2013 11:52 PM

I removed a large 'area rug' that was painted to a concrete patio with a high capacity pressure washer. Rented it from Home Depot. Took it right off.

stadry 07-11-2013 05:42 AM

1 thing about p/w's - its certainly more efficient IF 1 uses a properly siz'd turbo nozzle rather than the tips that come w/press wshrs,,, you got lucky, sheetz :yes: i'd guess the original applicator fail'd to properly prep the conc prior to painting it,,, generally speaking, ' paint ' is not resistant to abrasion/wear from either auto OR pedestrian traffic :no:

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