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jvoirol 06-12-2012 03:37 PM

Proper Technique to Restore Porch?
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As a disclaimer, I have never attempted a masonry project before and have no background or experience in construction. If this is better left to the pros, feel free to say so!

I have a stone porch from the 1920's which has been patched with concrete (?) over time, making it look messy. I hope to remove the old material and restore the original look.

I've included pictures below of a healthy looking area, an area that has eroded, an area that was patched and finally a picture of the whole porch to give you an idea of scale. Notice the raised rectangular black border. I like this look a lot but am not sure what it's called or how to create it. Any advice? Is it a better plan just to regrout and forget the decorative look?

All help and advice is appreciated!

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stuart45 06-12-2012 05:10 PM

It's known as Ribbon pointing. Used to be quite popular round here years ago for stonework, but the raised joint is said to help retain rainwater in the wall causing damp inside so it's rarely seen now.
Here's a thread from the sister forum that explains it, the person doing the job is really good at it.

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