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cindywardell 11-24-2013 07:27 AM

polymeric sand removal and white film
Help please....I recently had my brick pool deck pavers cleaned and sealed. (had been several years since last done) I let myself be talked into using polymeric sand by the paving contractor who of course will not return my calls. I could not be here when they were cleaning the bricks and then were immediately sealed. I got home in time for rain to start and saw white film washing off of pavers. Contractor said no big deal but knew something obviously was wrong. He finally had someone come back out and add another coat of sealant. Questions are:

1. How to remove white film on many of the bricks that was never there before having this work done;

2. How to remove polymeric sand that is stuck on white aluminum pool cage frame; (have tried sturdy plastic scraper so as not to scrape paint without much success)

3. How to remove sealant that ran onto beige colored drains on deck that now look rather orange. Once again using plastic scraper, Goo Be Gone.....(Don't know brand of sealant they used but not high gloss)

Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

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