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robsatx 04-02-2013 09:04 AM

Paver / Brick / Concrete / Landscaping
Ok. so I am going to widen my driveway with concrete, they are going to trim out the concrete with brick that matches the brick flower gardens they are making as well. . .
My questions:
1. They are going to do "footers" to place the bricks on. one guy said he will take rebar and drill into the footer to make it stronger . . another contractor wants to double the thickness of the brick with solid cinder block. Which is best?
2. Is it better to use sand or base for the bricks? I know I can't drive on brick they will be on OUTSIDE of driveway so they should not have any traffic on them.

stadry 04-02-2013 09:33 AM

where're you located ? many newbies don't post their location making it difficult to offer relevant guidance.

that being said, brick pavers need something for a base as does anything else,,, doubling brick hoffer little addl strength to me however others may disagree,,, ' cinder block ' is not acceptable to me,,, IF you prefer a flexible pvmt, brick on suitable properly compact'd granular base is fine,,, IF you prefer rigid pvmt, use a proper conc base over aforemention'd granular base,,, sand can never be compact'd while rebar may/may not be necessary - it all depends - IF i understand your post correctly, not sure why its even mention'd,,, any addl conc needs its own independent jnt pattern to control random cracking.

where'd you hear beick isn't an acceptable mtl for driveway traffic ?

AGAIN, knowing the site's geographical location would be a boon to us responders :yes:

robsatx 04-02-2013 09:46 AM

Thanks for the reply! I am in San Antonio TX :) . . I will have to make sure I put that down in future.

I think I was not clear . . the cinder block will be used for the flower beds so you can't see the cinder block as it will be covered with dirt. I plan to use brick to outline the concrete driveway. From what I have read brick can't take the weight of car because the PSI is not intended to handle the weight of a car turning it's wheel(s). I was thinking pavers, but seems like a lot of maintenance . . try to figure which way to go. frustrating getting different ideas.

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