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bguar 09-17-2012 10:10 PM

Patio/brick flashing
I just bought a 1940s brick house in New England with an attached garage and a flagstone patio above the roof of the garage. We walk out to the patio from a kitchen door, with the kitchen and patio at the same level ( i.e. there is no step). As one might imagine, over the years, water has been seeping into the kitchen from the patio and rotting the floor. The floor needs to be replaced but I want to fix the water problem first. In an earlier, poorly conceived attempt to remedy the problem, someone tried to seal the interface between the patio and brick wall with some sort of roofing tar. I need to remove this tar and seal the wall properly. I plan on raising the door threshold 4 inches to keep water from coming in below the door, but I also need to install flashing between the brick wall and the flagstone patio. My plan is to chisel out about an inch of mortar a couple of courses up on the brick wall and cut a 1" deep slot in the flagstone using my circular saw/ diamond blade and then mortar a piece of lead flashing, one edge into the slot on the wall and the other into the slot in the patio. Does this sound like the right approach and does anyone have any tips for me before I get going on this project?

joecaption 09-18-2012 12:46 PM

Post a picture.
Almost none of what you thinking of doing is going to do much good.
For one thing where do you plan on even finding lead flashing?
Anytime any deck, patio, stoop is level with any type of door way it's 100 sure to cause a problum.

bguar 09-19-2012 11:31 AM

Thanks joecaption for the reply. I have posted four images below that should give you a better idea of the situation. The last image is a picture of the garage that shows how the patio sits on top of it. The garage has steel i-beams that support the weight. It just rained, so, in the close-ups, you can see the water seeping onto the concrete foundation in the kitchen. (I have ripped up some of the floor around the door to expose the foundation.)

Lead flashing is pretty easy to find around here--they sell it at Home Depot and Lowes; I found it cheaper at my local building supply store--it is sold by the pound--a 50 lb roll (approx. 20') of 12" lead runs $120. I chose lead because it is cheaper than copper, easy to bend, and is durable. I was going to go up 7" onto the brick, to tie in above the second brick course and cover any traces of that black tar.

Sure, I understand the design problem of having kitchen and patio at the same level, but I am not in a position to pull down the garage and build a new one to lower the patio. I need to do the best with what I've got--and I've got a bad design. I am on the coast, so we don't get a lot of snow--rain is the big issue. Most of the water runs off the patio but, as you can see from the pictures, the grading is not ideal. There is a low area by the kitchen wall where water pools. I was thinking of installing a channel drain to move the standing water off the patio--being sure the drain slopes enough to move the water out.

My plan with the doorway was to pour a 4" threshold (flashed and tied into the existing masonry) and install a shorter door. The raised threshold would be like a doorway on a boat, you'd have to step over the threshold. Perhaps not elegant, but given the situation, I thought it would be my best hope to keep the water out.

I'd really appreciate any comments and suggestions for other approaches that might be better.


bguar 09-19-2012 11:35 AM

Patio Flashing image links
Not sure why the images are not showing up. Here are the urls:

joecaption 09-19-2012 07:10 PM

That whole thing was just a horrable design.
I do not see anyway caulking, sealing, flashing is going to fix that one.
I'd be looking into having a roof built over that whole pato.

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