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nickkix37 04-08-2012 07:40 PM

Mortar brick?

Sorry if I'm in the wrong topic but I've been searching for hours and cannot seem to find an answer to my question. I have a brick layout in the front of my house. It's not supporting anything its just basically there for decoration. I've lived here for about 14 years and the past owners another 30. They had done it when they had moved in. Anyways as weather and wear and tear destroy and dislocate the bricks they are basically falling over at this point. I've been wanting to remove them and replace them.

So I've started the proses on removing them down to a single layer and wanted to re stack using new and old bricks. Mind you I'm not the most knowledgeable in the field but I've been looking at prices and want not. I would say it 3'X10' approximately and I want to make it at least a foot high. I guess I made very rookie mistake in forgetting mortar. I have no clue what I can do to fix this problem. I don't have the tools or mixing equipment to make motor. So I'm basically at a stand still with a foot deep moat in front of my house. I've noticed that some brick that was placed had excess mortar on it and some did not or had none at all. If anyone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated.


TRUEPRO 04-10-2012 07:29 PM

Unfortunately masonry isnt exactly a DIY trade. If you want the wall built back with bricks and mortar then look to pay around 75-85 cents per brick. Plus maybe a small project fee. Good luck

nickkix37 04-11-2012 07:03 PM


It's not an issue of money. I've done more research and even ask a few people in the business since my post. I was hoping to get a quicker response or even a "easy way out " scenario. My best option I believe is to get interlocking bricks to avoid the mortar. But I'm liking the challenge that this is creating so I think I'll spend the extra money for equipment and bricks. It's only for decoration but a big undertaking. Thanks for at least responding. Glad someone was willing to give advice.


joecaption 04-11-2012 07:10 PM

Not sure what you mean by the equipment. All your going to need is a shovel, hoe, mud pan, trowel and a level.

nickkix37 04-11-2012 07:17 PM

Thanks, At first I wasn't sure what I needed. As previously stated I'm a rookie at this. But I'm learning. I'm trying to do this correctly and have some fun with it. Thanks for advice.


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