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diybrad 04-26-2012 09:36 AM

Lowering basement slab and installing drain tile
My house was 1125 sqft with a full now unfinished basement and was built in the 50s. After i bought the house the basement flooded and i went ahead and gutted it. The previous owners said it used to have a water problem but they corrected it. Well their definition of correction was drylock on the inside and we all know how great of a product that is.

I am in the process of digging by hand down 6 ft to the foundation to install a drain tile and seal the block wall and installing 4 inch pvc with holes drilled then back fill with 3/4 washed gravel and draining to daylight. i am almost to the point of cleaning and sealing the outside wall. I plan on using 4-5 coats of Ames bluemax and using a 1/2 insulation board to protect the coating during backfill. Does anyone have experience with this or is there something better i should be looking for?

Anther issue i have is the basement is 25ft wide and 45ft long. From the front right corner to the back left corner the floor has a drop of a little over 1 ft. the lowest point is by the 1 car garage door. This was great when the basement flooded so i didnt have standing water but it will make it a pain in the but when finishing time comes.

While digging for the drain i discovered the house was built on a stepped footer for some reason. I also busted a large hole in the floor at the high corner just to see what was under the slab. The slab is only 2.5 inches thick and was poored directly on the dirt. No gravel or drainage of any kind. It was also poored where the bottom of the slab is 4 inches higher than the top of footer. My plan is to tear out the floor myself and remove enough dirt so i can get about 4 inches of gravel and then repour a 3-4 inch slab with remesh so the bottom of the slab sits about 1-2 inch below the top of the footer and 2 inches over on the high side and then just add gravel to the low side to bring the slab even and also give me 5 extra inches of head room on the high side.

Does this sound like a decent plan? i know it is a lot of work but at this point i have 1125 sqft of almost useless space due to the slope. I would probably go ahead and have the plumbing updated since i will have access to it. The garage door will be getting sealed of during this process as well.

What holes do i have in my plan? as of right now i have right at 7ft of head room on the high side but once i finsih i will be down to about 6ft 8 to 6ft 10 but will still have a slope.

The other idea i have was do the same thing on the high side but halfway accross the basement have an 8 inch step in the slab poor so i can have over 8 ft ceilings on the low side.


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