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winkfromks 05-09-2012 08:11 PM

Leaking stress cut in basement floor
My questions is what is the best way to stop a stress cut from leaking in a basement floor? My house is only 6 years old and unfortunately when the home was built whomever made the stress cuts went too deep and cut thru the concrete in two places. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently bought the home, and my inspector noticed this problem. Repairs were attempted with a epoxy but did not work. I don't know if they did the epoxy fill correct though becuase there is no visible evidence of epoxy in the crack. Have read many repair articles but I'm confused which is the best method for this type of repair.


jomama45 05-09-2012 09:48 PM

You really need to address the water table issue present, as attempting to "seal" the control joints in teh floor will be an ongoing battle that you won't end up winning. Does the house have a sump crock/pump?

winkfromks 05-10-2012 08:31 AM

Thanks for answering jomama45... Yes the house does have a sump pump and it's working fine... When it started leaking was after a very heavy rain storm. We received about 4 inches of rain in a short amount of time. It only leaked probably a total of 4 cups of water. Any suggestions would be great... Thanks

jomama45 05-10-2012 02:31 PM

It sounds like your having issues with managing the elevated water table under the foundation. How high does the water get below teh top of floor before the pump kicks in? This may be as simple as lowering the float on the pump. Attempting to make the floor "waterproof" is going to be nearly impossible.

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