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tbick 04-10-2013 08:29 PM

How to remove concrete under carport
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Hello all,

I would like to remove a concrete patio in my backyard. Part of the concrete slab is under a carport with three support posts sunk into the concrete. I'm not sure if there are piers/footers under each post or not. I would like to saw around the posts (no more than 8" on each side) and leave whatever is remaining. I will install a new paver patio when I am finished. My concerns are the following:

1) If I saw around the post and proceed to remove all concrete around it am I putting the structural integrity of the carport at risk.

2) If so, should I support the carport with support posts as a precaution (like temporary support posts when replacing porch columns). These supports would have to be at an angle, since vertical support posts would then be sitting on the concrete that I want to remove. Would two 4x4 support posts, one at each corner of the carport, be enough to support it, or do I need one in the middle?

3) If I do damage the footings around the posts while removing the concrete, or there is not a footing at all would it be easy to repair (or add) a footing?

I have attached some pictures for your reference.

Thanks for all your help!

stadry 04-10-2013 08:57 PM

ever watch anyone repair a front porch - they use temp supports.

we'd support it correctly & saw the patio to 4" depth so its much easier to remove the conc,,, IF you find the piers under the posts are in good conditon, put in the new patio,,, IF they aren't, replace them 1st.

risk is part of life - we'd use 3 - you're welcome ! :laughing:

funfool 04-10-2013 08:57 PM

This is a excellent reason why it is nice to add your location to your profile.
I am wondering what location you are in to determine how deep a footing should be.
You do want a footing, again you have no clue what is under there without looking first.

Is so many different ways that it could have been poured, it may or may not.
I would support one post with a 2x6 that is 4 or 6' long to span the rafters and a 4x4 under it as a temp post and start exploring.
I would first determine what size footing it should have, then cut the concrete at that dimension and see if it is just a 3.5" slab or is a actual footing.
No footing, then dig the depth you need and pour and create new footing, do same with all post, then you are free to remove the surrounding slab and the carport is is independent of what you put back in.

tbick 04-11-2013 09:25 AM

Thanks funfool and itsreallyconc.

I live in Fairfax County, VA. Footers should be at a depth of 24. Width of the footer is determined by the structure load but I think it would be around 16 square. So I can do what funfool recommends and put a temporary support beam over one of the columns, cut 16 around the post, remove some concrete, and see if there is a footer underneath. If there is not a footer, I will build the appropriate footer around each of the posts before removing the supports and the remaining concrete. If there is a footer already in place, am I safe to go ahead and remove the entire patio without disrupting the footer?

One other question: Once I resolve the foundatin issues, is there a good way to install patio pavers so that they abut the carport columns? I would like to have no concrete showing around the columns and have the pavers on the same grade as the rest of the patio. I am thinking I could remove the slab surrounding the column (not the pier), add some fill material and lay the pavers; however, once again I dont want to damage the pier/footer. If I have to build a footer, I could build it so the top of the pier stops several inches below grade, allowing me to place fill material and then pavers on the same grade as the rest of the patio.

Sorry for all the basic questions, Ive just never done any foundation work before. Thanks!

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