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How to maintain a side business while working labor?

I am starting a stone masonry apprenticeship in March. I am very excited to be taking on this noble trade (coming from being a salesman and feeling like I did no good for society/made rich people richer while ripping people off). I do need some advice before I begin and I feel like I should shed some light on my situation first.

I am a graduate in audio engineering from a very good school however the extremely competitive nature of my field has forced me to consider other options and a great friend of mine has decided to take me under his wing in masonry. I do not want to give up on my freelancing as an engineer and my own media projects. They do give me another source of income albeit a small one at the moment. Over time my income from creating content, media, recording other artists, working with my band etc... will continue to grow, however I need energy to meet its demands.

This is my conundrum. How do you experienced individuals in hard labor maintain your energy levels for other passions/sources of income? After a long hard work day, what tips do you have in order to make sure you have reserved energy to dedicate to other aspects of your life?

I am physically fit from years of martial arts training but I don't want to rely solely on this. The ideas I have come up with are as follows:

- Eat a good breakfest every morning and make sure to snack intelligently throughout the day on high carb/high protein essentials.
- Take a 30 minute nap immediately following getting home from the work day before taking on any demands of my other sources of income
- Possibly wake up early in the morning and work on my other projects before the work day begins.
- Manage stress with a good sleep schedule

These are the four that I have been considering. My main concern taking on a masonry role is having energy for other passions in my life (that do earn me money and aren't just hobbies). I don't have a family to take care of after work and I have the time to be selfish and continue to focus solely on my endeavors (I do not mean to offend any family people with this statement. You are great people worthy of the most respect) I was wondering what advice you experienced and knowledgeable people have for me before I begin my new job.

Thanks in advance


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Re: How to maintain a side business while working labor?

' feeling like I did no good for society/made rich people richer while ripping people off ' is attitude more than anything else imo,,, nothing happens til someone sells something,,, clients expect a salesmen to eat + provide $ for others to also eat,,, ' ripping off ' is doing shoddy work - nothing more or less.

IF you want to start your own biz, you have to have 3 qualities - not only do you want it, you also must NEED it to fulfill yourself,,, unless you want to spend your life alone ' on the tools ', you also need leadership qualities,,, in for a penny, in for a pound,,, nothing worthwhile will happen doing anything part-time

i can hire competent tradesmen all day long however i cannot hire anyone who respects my biz as do i


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Re: How to maintain a side business while working labor?

Ok, that's your opinion but I was forced to sell warranties that I knew people didn't actually need. When you work for a corporation you see how they directly scam people. As a sales person I didn't have a choice which to sell and which not to sell as I was met with threats from head office directly. Whether the person on the other end of it realizes I'm doing it to survive is irrelevant. I want to take pride in what I do and I couldn't take pride in that form of "work."

Maybe you are willing to do anything to survive but I'm not and therefore I exited the corporate world.

You didn't give me any advice on the actual topic which is energy conservation.
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Re: How to maintain a side business while working labor?

Thought I answered this already but maybe that was on another forum....

Regardless, I think the most important thing to know is yourself. For instance, I know that once I'm home, I have a hard time leaving again. So, on days when I work both my full and part time jobs, I'll stay at the full time one until it's time to go to the part time one and then go home after that.
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Re: How to maintain a side business while working labor?

I was forced to sell warranties that I knew people didn't actually need.
Unless they had a gun to your head, you were not forced. You caved into your fear of something. (Job loss ?)

Why would you want to work for someone "forcing you" do do something you have you disagree with ? It only makes for an unpleasant and stressful work environment.

You can always say no. If they refuse to accept that answer, "I quit" will work one way or another.
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Re: How to maintain a side business while working labor?

I hate to take this back on topic, but I will.........

If you're really think you need a job that offer's you pride in what you do, I can't think of many career's better than stone masonry. I'm a concrete & masonry contractor myself, second generation. I startd going with my Dad when I was 8, got to witness some extremely talented masons through the years, and wished I had paid closer attention when I was young. I started my own business, part time for the first year or so, while still helping my Dad's crew in between, at the ripe old age of 21. THat was almost 18 years ago, and although there are some things I wished I had done a little differently, and a few employees I wish I would have worked harder to retain, I can't say I'd rather be doing anything else for a living. Perhaps, if I can find a way to not have to deal with customers and still use my craft, I'd make that switch, but that seems unlikely.

Probably the most satisfying part of masonry (much more so than the concrete end) is that much of your efforts are spent building/crafting something that will likely stand for lifetimes, not years or decades. I have a number of projects/structures in my area that I should be able to stand back and admire when I'm 80, if I make it there. Hopefully, my children drive their young grandkid's around some day and point out what I built 100 years before.

As to your actual question, I'm not sure your life or energy level will be that much different than your current job, especially if you're already on your feet all day. Stone masonry isn't the most labor intensive job anymore, nothing like it was decades ago. If anything, I find my mind burning out laying stone before anything else. There's a definent talent & skill to laying stone, patience and the pursuit of perfection is important. I still struggle at time, depending on style of stone, some guys have it and other's (like me) just have enough to make it work out.

More than anything, you NEED PPE (personal protective equipment) from the start, and you need to get in the habit of using it. Lots's of dust, lot's of small shards flying around, lot's of noise, etc...

Best of luck.


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