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morarview 04-10-2012 06:47 PM

Hello - Need help with Stone Retaining Wall Construction
Guys hello from NW Scotland (Morar)
We have just moved into a 1920's ex roadsmans cottage overlooking the "Silversands of Morar" a local authority property that we are having to do a deal of work to in order to make it safe, liveable and adaptable to my current and future disablement related issues due to severe lacks of funding we have been left to selffund a lot of these projects ourselves where previously they might of been carried out for us my partner will try and succeed in really most things and here we have to due to severe lack of affordable tradesmen so im sure we will be reading a lot of posts here in for months to come.

For now before we even contemplate starting on the inside we have a few to deal with outside that will make a big difference to getting both in and out the property, ranging from widenning the driveway to building ramps front and back and a few semi retaining walls and a plinth to sit a shed and a green house upon then a few landscaping and such tasks.

So our first knowledge required is in wall building mainly along the front of the property onto the roadside, where the garden is between inches and a foot off road level, the rotten horrible fence has just been removed to allow for the driveway down the side to be widenned and here in starts our first issue as ;

we require a small semi retaining wall along the front and side of the property and badly need to source guides on foundations, how to's on building the wall, and cement mixes for both building and rendering any such information would be a great help along with a guide, details or charts on how many 4" blocks required to build a wall at x long x high and lastly any helpfull tips tricks or things we should note would be of great assistance to this project and lastly sources to obtain builders rubble stone soil etc for subbases etc without paying a fortune for it.

Any and all help would be much obliged as would links to further resources to assist us in any of this were currently at the stage of site clearance and roots stump removal from previous hedging along the frontage ..


Gary in WA 04-10-2012 11:56 PM

Welcome to the forums! I think there was a question in there, somewhere.....

I'll move you to "General discussion" for better response.


AtlanticWBConst. 04-11-2012 06:20 AM

Yes. Very confusing post. Kind of rambling...

I boldened & enlarged the section that appears to be the actual question. It looks like a question on stone retaining walls. I am going to re-move this post to the stone section and adjust the title to reflect the actual "hidden" question.

TRUEPRO 04-11-2012 09:19 AM

Not sure if i would use 4' block for a retaining wall. If you google "retaining wall diagram" you should find some very helpful pictures and information.

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