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stevekem 05-29-2013 10:49 PM

Footer for block partition wall

I am having 2 foundation walls of an addition replaced and the new footer has to be 36" deep. If I build an interior block partition wall to separate a crawl space from regular basement, would the footer for this partition wall need to go down 36" deep as well or can I just pour footer right below grade?

The partition wall is only holding up 2 floor joists for 1 story addition, so there's not much weight on it.

Waiting to hear from building inspector (he is on vacation) regarding this, but thought I would check here for some pro opinions in the meantime.

stadry 05-30-2013 05:47 AM

since crawl spaces are now sealed ( no foundation vents minimize frost chance ), suspect your inspector will allow std depth fnd/footer,,, however he does work for the government & he's there to help :huh: what makes sense doesn't necessarily translate to someone who's 1st priority is reinforcing a paid position,,, over the yrs i've found many ' building inspectors ' have been discarded wanna-be contractors

static weight load should be irrelevant to rqmts,,, expect different rqmts between erie & lancaster, easton & stroudsberg, etc

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