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Flattening a basement floor

I was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to properly flatten my basement floor. I'm going to be installing a clicking vinyl plank in the basement over a product like Platon or SuperSeal. The instructions for the flooring say the floor must be flat within 1/8" over 4'. I used a 8' long piece of metal to gauge this and depending on where I put it I might get no gap to 1/2". If I move along the 1/2" plane another 4 foot the floor becomes flat again, so I don't think the basement is too bad. I've dumped water on the floor to clean up the drywall mud and it doesn't seem to flow too bad.

I purchased 16 bags of self-leveling compound to fill the low spots, but I'm afraid of using it. I have the feeling if I use the stuff I will end up doing the entire floor (600SF) because it will pool up in a single area and not thin out enough.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can still use the self leveling compound by thinning it out more than recommended or a way I can pull it to apply a thinner coat? I know this product is supposed to be used over the entire floor, but that would be really expensive.

Any advice?


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Check out some videos on You Tube. They show them using self level over big areas using rakes and boots with spikes at the bottom so they can walk around in it.

(16 bags of self level, yowza)



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had you look'd at some previous threads/posts, you would've discovered concrete grinder - perhaps a less expensive alternate to resolving your wavy floor,,, doing it right is often more expensive that cobble-rigging,,, self-level's challenging for the uninitiated w/o experienced help
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Vinyl over Platon?

Hey. Did you ever do the vinyl plank over the dimpled membrane? I am really wanting to do the same thing, and I can't find anyone else out there who's done it. I was wondering if it is to squishy or soft without an OSB subfloor. Any luck?
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I would agree with itsreallyconc. Look at having the surface ground to remove the high spots. You may save money in the long run by not having to wait for the leveling compound to cure. You are going to cover the old concrete anyways so the areas that are ground will not show.
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Try really hard to islolate the low spots. I just went through this exact scenario and DID wind up doing the whole floor at 22 bags. I'm happy with the results, but unhappy with my bank balance.

The stuff flows pretty well, and you can push it around with a rake.
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You definitely do not want to add more than the recommended amount of water otherwise the product will not work right. It will create a yellowish foam when you've added too much. Furthermore, it will not spread out and flow, but instead just sink straight down. Even though it says self leveling also doesn't mean it will automatically level out always. Normally you need to help it along.

Try practicing in a safe area first where it won't matter. outside mockup or something. You need to get a good feel for the product.


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