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Wildbill9000 08-29-2012 03:47 PM

Filling Concrete Block Cells to Repair Wall
I am trying to repair the walls of my 50'lx30'wx12'h garage. There was dirt about 10' up behind the back wall and I have several longitudinal cracks in the back wall and stair cracks in the side wall. I dug out all the dirt behind the walls and the cracks almost all closed up. I want to repair the wall before I install tiebacks into the hillside behind it. I think the best way to do this is fill every few cells with concrete but the 8" block it is built from has 3 cells which are only 2.5" wide. Also the top of the wall is covered with concrete so I have to punch holes into the side of the top block to access the cells. I tried cutting out several cells so I could put rebar down into the cells but with the mortar that squeezed out into the cells I cant get it into them very far. My question is this - can I fill the cell with concrete and have it be stronger than it was originally? I was thinking about making some kind of manifold along the entire wall and pumping concrete into it to fill the cells. Would this work? Any other ideas on how to repair my walls? I am on a very limited budget...

jomama45 08-29-2012 06:39 PM

A couple thoughts here:

- Filling the wall with concrete (grout) will add little to no additional strength to the wall.

- If you can't send a rod through the cells, there's no way you'll get concrete (grout) to completely fill the cell.

- A 12' high wall with 10' of unbalanced fill and constructed with 8" unreinforced block is complete underkill, kind of surprised no one was hurt already from a wall collapse. There must be a decent amount of weight on top of the wall.

- Are you sure there aren't already some pilasters poured inside the wall in the cells? They could easily have failed with the load on the wall.

- As for other options, it's hard to say for sure w/o seeing the conditions. Steel restraints anchored to both the floor and the ceiling "could" be an option. Poured external pilasters on the interior side of the wall could also be an option, but realize that they would need to be relatively substantial, especially at the bottom, and take up some room in the garage.

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