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josephmartins 11-09-2012 09:12 AM

Enlarging an existing fireplace hearth
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Good morning all,

We're hoping to modify our fireplace and hearth to accept a new mantel/surround.

Currently I see two issues with using the surround that we have in mind, perhaps there are more. First, the existing hearth is not long enough to accommodate the surround. It is about 10 inches too short on each side. I imagine I would need to find some way to build up the hearth. Second, that the fireplace is inset into the wall and we would like the surround to be mounted against the wall (it would stick out about 6 inches). I assume we'd need to protect the wood surfaces that face toward the fireplace opening.

So I have a few questions for you.

Can I create a frame around the existing hearth and pour a new concrete base to enlarge the one that is there, without having to demolish it first? I realize I will have to reface the hearth afterwards.

Next, can I install a surround that sticks out several inches from the fireplace opening? And if that is allowable, what are my options to protect the inner facing surfaces of the wooden surround from embers?

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