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indep 09-30-2012 07:24 PM

does water flow under the house?
Hi all,
it's me again... I had a guy come and fix a waterleak from cinder blocks in the basement... this was the basement wall between the house and the garage, so he told me that i guess they had poured the cement all the way down instead of leaving room for gravel between the two walls, so water was accumulating against the wall and finally pushed its way through the grout in the cinder blocks... now I'm wondering, is water supposed to be flowing underneath the ground slab of the house... won't this cause great damage with time... with water flowing underneath the house every time it rains instead, isn't this worse

I always thought water was supposed to be kept away and nothing would flow underneath the house itself ?

any suggestion would be great

joecaption 09-30-2012 07:28 PM

Water should neve be flowing under a house.
Post a picture so we can see what your talking about. More concered with seeing the outside.

indep 09-30-2012 07:43 PM

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so the wall he has patched and put in the platon is the wall between the house and the garage, now if you look at the bottom the concrete he has patched up used to run all the way to the bottom of the foundation which he said instead of being compacted gravel was just concrete, as a result water was pooling against this wall, which caused pressure and finally came out of the wall from the cinder block joints... now that he has dug a trench type for the water to flow, technically it should flow into the sump pump and run out, but it has rained for the last month and the pump doesn't fill up anymore (at the beginning it was filling up all the time) and I'm wondering where that extra rain water is going now... and considering the concrete underneath is gone, I'm assuming, it's flowing underneath the house instead of accumulating in the sump pit

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